Fool For Love


Lol… well that’s all that comes to one’s mind these days when thinking about ways to celebrate….. non-Islamic, unethical and immodest festivities. Seriously… some bearded people just need to get laid!

Anyway… in case you’re single on the 14th of Feb like myself, pretending to love someone as if only today matters, are being showered by roses and chocolates by someone who you secretly wished was dead or probably just killing time speculating on all the crap every love struck fool is up to today like myself again, you can always hit the rewind button on some good old fashioned romantic movies. Well that’s the best advice you can get off someone who’s a complete sucker for romantic melodrama… and I’m proud of that by the way!

So let’s see what we’ve got.

Don’t worry… I’m not recommending DDLJ… but DTPH instead! For me, Dil To Pagal Hai is the quintessential Valentine’s movie that you just have to watch. One; because it has Madhuri Dixit in it – bholi si soorat, aankhon mein masti, door kharhi sharmaye… AYE HAYE!!! And two; because it’s one of those rare gems by the one and only king of Bollywood romance, Yash Chopra. Pure genius… his movies have always had this uncanny timelessness to them, be it Chandni, Silsila, Lamhe or Veer-Zaara. But this one is my absolute favorite out of all his work.

Switzerland, chiffon saris, melodious music and the complicated yet not so complicated love triangle never seize to fascinate me. Though I strongly believe that the whole ‘someone, somewhere, made for you’ enigma is nothing but absolute BS!

And for all you romantics… the legendary ‘aur paas, aur paas’ moment that SRK and Mads share is a lesson in reaching the utmost level of sexual intimacy without actually getting dirty.

Sorry... but I just couldn't help myself from spoiling this one

Sorry… but I just couldn’t help myself from spoiling this one

Hmm… you know it really has been a while… must download.

Waisay… I’m not a complete Bollywood junkie you know… I do watch the occasional Hollywood flick too provided it’s about superheroes, has enough filthy jokes and… even more romance! And one that completely wowed me was The Vow… I mean WOW! Yea I know the whole ‘this movie is based on true events’ is a good tag line and made it even more dramatic, but somehow it just worked marvelously in this case.

Now it would totally suck to fall truly, madly and deeply in love with someone, get married to them, fuck around during the honeymoon period only to get hit by a car and forget all about it. But I think it’s totally awesome – and even more sexy – to somehow find your way back to the same person again over the course of time. Why? Because the both of you are destined for one another – the perfect match made in heaven!

So I guess the ‘someone, somewhere, made for you’ enigma does hold true – I stand corrected!

The VowTruth is, this is one Hollywood movie that I badly want to see rendered into Bollywood style – even more than that fault-filled The Fault In Our Stars (which I haven’t seen till now by the way), with Salman Khan as the 40 year old Channing Tatum, my lovely Mads as Rachel McAdams and Saif Ali Khan as Scott Speedman… and Munni budnaam in an item song of course!

And if not The Vow, then you just have to watch Made Of Honor. Awe… this one actually made me teary eyed – well not too much… just a bit. McDreamy a.k.a Dr. Derek Shepherd and a.k.a Patrick Dempsey is a quite a lady killer I’d say. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m neither a lady nor gay! MadeOfHonorWhile I did enjoy some of the picturesque locations in this flick as well as the more properly executed complicated love triangle characteristic of Hindi cinema, the best part was obviously the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai style wedding crashing ending in which McDreamy trashes the Scot’s dreams by stealing his lady love from right under the guy’s nose – and getting punched and breaking his own in the process. Oh well… love always comes with its fair share of pain no?

What else do we have…

OMG OMG OMG… I totally forgot… HUMSAFAR!!!

Our desi McDreamy Fawad Khan and Pakistan’s Yash Chopra heroine Mahira Khan! This one just had too many wow-moments that left me with butterflies in my tummy and tears in my eyes. And I had my sleeves soaking wet too while watching the scene in which Fawad tells Mahira to always remember how important she is to him over a long distance phone call after they had a terrible argument..

“… mein tumse boht mohabbat karta hoon… tum mere liye boht ehm ho… boht khaas… yeh baat hamesha yaad rakhna!”

Sniff sniff… tissue please!

HumsafarHumsafar has to be the best piece of drama to appear on Pakistani television… and also the most romantic one I’ve seen so far and a re-run is long overdue!

And if that’s still not enough for you guys, you can always get on a W11 to listen to some romantic Bollywood tunes from the yester years composed by Nadeem Shravan and sung by Alka and Kumar.

“Tujhe pyaar se dekhne wala… tujhe apna samajhne wala… ek dil hai… ek dil hai… mera dil hi to hai!”

But WHATEVER you do… just don’t lament over an ex!


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