Badlapur: Revenge Never Looked This Good


Revenge never looked this good… and that too with a befitting title as never before.

Raghu played by Varun Dhawan, is a happily married man who loses his wife and son in a rather unfortunate turn of events following a bank robbery conducted by Laik (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and Harman (Vinay Pathak). While nalaik Laik is the one who fires the killing shot, he lets haraam Harman escape with the money and tells the police that Harman was the one responsible and refuses to cooperate with the authorities in any other way.


With the help of a cleaning lady who shockingly turns out to be a private detective, Raghu manages to find the whereabouts of Laik’s even more nalaik yet ultra hot prostitute mistress Jhumli played by Huma Qureshi who keeps upping her rates as the foreplay proceeds. Raghu toys around with her, but she gives him no leads on Harman and the stolen money. Nalaik Laik is eventually jailed for 20 years where he is sexually molested and joked upon a couple of times by the other inmates while Raghu waits for his release… in Badlapur.


15 years later, an NGO clad woman Shobha played by Divya Dutta emerges into the screenplay who approaches Raghu and informs him that the nalaik convict is dying of cancer and asks him to consider forgiving Laik and setting him free so that he can die outside of prison… respectfully. Kaam kaisay kaisay… aur farmaishein kaisi kaisi! Angry Raghu obviously doesn’t agree, to which Shobha taunts him by saying that Laik will eventually die in a few months, but Raghu should worry more about himself as he had locked himself up in a prison of his past memories – the psychological desi taana that never works!

One fine night, nalaik Laik’s mother approaches Raghu and tells him where and how he can find haraam Harman. In return Raghu helps in nalaik Laik’s release, but only to follow him back to Harman who during all this time had hidden Laik’s share of the loot and got married to a girl who could easily pass as his daughter… maybe granddaughter as well! Frustrated Raghu pretends to do haraam things with Harman’s wife before killing the two and hiding Laik’s share of the loot. When nalaik Laik and Raghu finally meet, they wrestle it out, and after getting tired, Raghu tells Laik that he will never tell him where he hid the money. Accepting defeat, angry Laik returns back home only to realize that his mother has nothing good to say about him. That… is his life changing moment – he finally decides to confess and surrender spending the rest of his sorry existence doing good things in jail.


Oh and did I mention that after the fifteen year jump in the story, nalaik Laik’s ultra hot mistress Jhumli was now the mistress of the police inspector who was on the case and who also wanted Laik’s share of the loot as his retirement fund? Well he never got the money either!

After romance, dark comedy has to be my next favorite genre in cinema. Badlapur hits the nail on the right spot! The fact that it was precisely concise compensated for the lack of the regular song and dance in Hindi films – a job well done by Sriram Raghavan and Arijit Biswas. Not to mention, the music itself was just a notch above acceptable and skip-worthy.

Anil Mehta may have proved his horrendous directorial skills in the 2007 Madhuri Dixit starer Aaja Nachle, but when it comes to cinematography, he leaves no stone unturned in proving that it is his domain indeed.

Laik’s Draupadi’s cheerharan moment was probably the best and the most hilarious take on homosexuality in male prisons I have ever seen.


Though I must say… I didn’t quite get how Raghu managed to cover an entire bedroom with plastic sheets taped to the ceiling while Harman’s wife took a shower. Doing something like that would normally take at least an hour no? Did Koko – the wife – really take that long? Or maybe she was actually prepping up herself for a satisfying experience with a rugged hunk as opposed to pretending to be a faithful wife to an aging plump ex-criminal!

Nawazuddin has a knack for playing weirdly dark and psychotic characters, and he plays this one to the best of his ability yet again. As for Varun Dhawan, Badlapur has to be his finest performance till date in his tiny Bollywood career. Looks like the student has finally graduated from being just a pretty face with a waxed body to a fit performer! Badlapur clearly belongs to these two boys.


Huma Qureshi was as gorgeous and voluptuous as ever. Even in a tiny role, she never seized to impress. I wish she started picking meatier roles though. Divya Dutta is one of my favorite support systems on Bollywood, though she needs to understand that being scandalized with hot men is always worth it! It would’ve been quite a filmy treat to have seen her settle down with Raghu by the end of the dark escapade. And was that Yami Gautam??? Hunh… nevermind!

To sum it up real quick; Badlapur is hard hitting revenge you must not miss… also if you want to see Huma Qureshi trying to seduce you and Varun Dhawan shirtless!.

4 / 5 stars


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