3 Moments When Hamari Adhuri Kahani Made Me Cry

Despite Mohit Suri’s pointless love for ruining a good love story with a tragic ending, and Shagufta Rafiq’s terrible writing that we had also witnessed in the X-factor-less Mr. X, I was still super exceed to watch Hamar Adhuri Kahani for three main reasons – Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi’s sensuous chemistry, the beautiful music score characteristic of movies coming from the Bhatt camp and lastly because I’m a complete sucker for desi romance.

Well much to my disappointment, Hamari Adhuri Kahani had its fair share of Bollywood stupidities that were rather difficult to ignore. Nonetheless, I still did! And no matter how bad you may think Hamari Adhuri Kahani was, I still enjoyed it and will shamelessly admit that I cried three times… yes three times while sitting on my seat in the cinema hall. So glad it was dark and nobody actually saw me 😀

Anyway, Hamari Adhuri Kahani had a simple plot-line. Vidya is forcibly married off to Rajkumaar, Rajkumaar goes missing in action for a couple of years, Vidya meets Emraan, they fall in love, Rajkumaar comes back and is pissed, Vidya starts feeling guilty and decides to leave Emraan, Rajkumaar turns evil and decides to separate them, Emraan dies and Vidya is torn by Emraan’s death till she eventually dies as well.

The highlights: Vidya’s and Emraan’s performance, the mesmerizing music of course and the extremely high emotional quotient. The pitfalls: the vacation that Mahesh Bhatt’s and Shagufta’s brain seemed to be enjoying while being high on sniffing some other stuff instead of the flowers to be able to add to what could have been possibly one of the best romantic tails ever told in Indian cinema.

But amidst red saris, sindoor and… the flowers (forgetting their name), here are the 3 moments that made me completely emo while watching this incomplete saga of love.

1: The beginning of the tragedy

By the time the violins started playing in the background and Vidya got off the bus to Bastar to reunite with Emraan – in spirit form of course, my eyes were already pouring like the Niagara Falls. I will have to admit, Hamari Adhuri Kahani has by far the most impactful intro I have ever seen in Indian cinema so far. As Vidya walked down the road into nowhere-ness and then just dropped dead on the road, my heart sank into an abyss of gloom, and I was like… NAHIII, HOW CAN SHE DIE ALREADY??? Okay, I should have brought a tissue box with myself because using the sleeve of my T-shirt to wipe my eyes and nose in public would just not have been right.

2: His confession and her realization

The next scene that made me completely teary eyed was when Emraan confesses his undying love to Vidya on Diwali and tells her that he wants the give her (and her son) all the happiness in the world they deserve – awe… so cute, sniff sniff. However, as Vidya takes a glimpse of a tattoo on her hand spelling out her husband’s name, she shuns her feelings for Emraan and runs back towards the hotel in a vain attempt to hold on to the bitter reality of her being married. More tears for her… and for me! Her running across the sands in a beautiful red sari, her hair in uncontrolled motion, the trampling of the rangoli and the thaal were just magical – very Sanjay Leela Bhansali though. In all of Mohit Suri’s work, this scene stands out as my favorite. And as she sat next to a statuette of Krishna and Radha desperately clutching on to her mangal sutra, the audience burst in a huge applause as the interval came in… and I quickly wiped my tears before the lights came up so that nobody could see me crying! I think after Waar, the whole applause-thing was the first in a long time – and that pretty much sums up all the criticism around the movie.

3: When Emraan dies

And the third time I burst into tears was when Emraan burst into pieces! So on his way back from taking that priest’s confession to prevent Rajkumaar from going to jail, the moment Emraan smells the flowers and stops the jeep to take a look, I was like… oh shit! And with that click of the mine, my heart just stopped beating. Bechari Vidya! Matlab ke… I don’t know what the fuck is wrong with Mohit Suri… why does he always have to end a love story in a tragedy? Aashiqui 2 was just plain dumb, Ek Villian was retarded minus Ritesh Deshmukh, but Hamari Adhuri kahani… I was actually enjoying… and then the hero dies!!! By the way, to all of the people questioning the stupidity of a minefield filled with flowers: ever considered the possibility of an adequately trained gardener, water sprinkler and mechanical disposal of seeds? Probably not! Or even better, ever considered that it was merely a metaphor for all the sorrow hidden within the apparent beauty of our lives? Adhura perspective I suppose.

To the critics

Anyway, in all its flaws, idiocies and adhurapan, Hamari Adhuri Kahani still struck a chord so deep within me that I was left spellbound and completely emotional by the end of it. Alright, at places it was just beyond weird – like Emraan falling in love with Vidya because she reminded him of his mother, and Vidya taking off from the hotel on foot and landing in a desert. But come to think about it, a lot of Bollywood movies tend to be a lot more mindless than Hamari Adhuri Kahani with cinematic liberties of epic proportions. The whole TV show, Belgium embassy and Sarfaraz dhoka nahi dega climax in PK was officially the most retarded Bollywood scene ever. In DDLJ, Kajol ran faster than a train. And have we all forgotten Andaz Apna Apna?

We watch movies to be entertained or to connect with their unrealism on a real level. And Hamari Adhuri Kahani perfectly did the latter of the two. So the question is; why pan Hamari Adhuri Kahani for all its shortcomings while completely ignoring the fact that it was nevertheless still a very powerful and emotionally engaging experience?

Hamari Adhuri Kahani may have been an incomplete saga of love owing largely to terrible writing, but Vidya, Emraan, the music and the emotions that prevailed still made it every bit worth it.

3/5 stars



  1. Bhavika · July 16, 2015

    It’s so nice knowing that someone else enjoyed this movie too! This movie deserved a lot more credit and you’re right about the fact that Indian movies are exactly like what critics criticised Hamari Adhuri Kahani for so it made no sense why they were judging it so much when they praise others which use the exact formula?

    I am surprised you did not mention the part when Hari threw the ashes over the field. That was SO beautiful. Rajkumaar’s acting was superb in that part and that nearly made me tear up. Made me feel as if he wasn’t a bad guy after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • arsalanahmedk · July 22, 2015

      Oh yea… that part… lol… must’ve slipped out of my mind. But nooo, i didn’t actually that climax… I was like… ab kyun bomb nahi phatta 😀


      • Bhavika · July 22, 2015

        hahahah! But he can’t die and haunt them in the afterlife while they’re holding hands haha


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  4. Rimza · May 13

    Yeah literally, this movie is the second movie after PK I enjoyed. PK was still not so emotional, heart touching and mind blowing. Anyways leaving all the negative sides at a side I can just see the amazing ones. And yeah that scene when Hari throw the ashes on the flowers was the best scene of all including that when vasudha comes to Arav and tells her that Hari is innocent and she cries while Arav hugs her. And that is true that I was weeping all throughout the movie and cried when Arav died. I don’t know why but this is the best movie I have seen. Anyways if the ending wanna be a positive one for sure no one would be right now thinking about it such as SULTAN. Please do reply if you agree!


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