IBA Diaries 4: Unprofessionally Yours

DISCLAIMER The thoughts and opinions in this article belong to just one individual and do not represent the consensus of a larger group of people. Also, these diaries are purely meant for comic relief and entertainment, and do not in any way intend to defame the institution, people and events mentioned in them.

Apart from the previous installments of this rantful journey full of sarcasm, exaggeration and bitchyness, this is probably the first time when I’m feeling that the few lines of disclaimer text that I have added at the top to save my ass from potential extermination have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. I thought I would always be politically correct with this escapade, but there are times when things don’t go according to plan (pun intended), and my bitch-streak goes off the hook. And this just happens to be one of those occasions. Shameless!

So like, I spent most of yesterday studying this shit that apparently helps business managers in running their business more intelligently. In reality, it was nothing more than horrendously long gibberish full of nothing but boredom, and merely three words – manipulating, measuring, and comparing – that were placed in different sequences to define just two definitions… both of which started with the same letters – D A T A! Wow, I’m so intelligent now… … I feel like I’ve learnt so much… my intellect has increased by ten folds! Oh yes, most important bit of wisdom… IT’S ALL ABOUT A STRATEGY!

Anyway, after pressing the snooze button twice, I woke up today morning to cold winds and cold water… going to one’s personal fortress of solitude on a wintery morning is by far one of the most difficult things to do. Got ready, reached campus, bought by usual bottle of water, and then went to the examination room.

What happened next was something that normally every student looks forward to, but boy was I annoyed!

Apparently, our instructor forgot the date for the final exam allotted to the course he was teaching (apparently teaching I mean), and hadn’t prepared our question paper. Not to mention, the sloppy administration never even bothered to check in with him a day earlier to see if he was still alive and kicking… of course, whether the question paper was ready or not comes after that bit of traditional formality.



Matlab ke, itni subha subha utha diya, all for nothing! Koi sharam hoti hai… koi haya hoti hai… koi ethics hotay hain! Oh how I love using this line over and over again… full of drama! 😀

Who even does something like this? Talk about the height of unprofessionalism from what is touted as one of the best educational institutions in the country. Utter disappointment. And now don’t give me that look and say “Oh, this happens everywhere.” This aint everywhere FFS… it’s IBA! if only I could subject this instructor to an uncensored session of public humiliation owing to his incompetence and negligence like never before.

Hmmm… let’s see…

Dear Dark Star of Inferences, I hope that your morning went well, BECAUSE MINE SURELY DIDN’T. Anyway, I hope that you find good time to rectify the academic blasphemy that you have committed as after today, I surely will not give you and your procrastination a second chance! And I hope neither does IBA… though I wouldn’t be surprised if it still does; have lost my faith in this hellhole of an institution! Kkthnxbbye!

Unprofessionally Yours



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