Not Quite The Treat For SRK Fans

For all those who are thinking that Fan is SRK’s redemption after a disastrous Shitwale, think again, because it isn’t. In fact, the movie is nothing beyond a poorly executed tribute to the great actor that Shah Rukh Khan is; an absolute injustice to his real fans and the stardom that he enjoys.

Anyway, you know how they say that you have seven lookalikes wandering somewhere on this little blue planet of ours? Well, Fan is the story of two lookalikes; one’s a really famous actor, and the other is a diehard fan of the actor’s. The plot is simple; fan wants to meet his idol, fan ends up doing something stupid to get his idol’s attention, idol teaches him a lesson by having him beaten up by the police, fan is now pissed and wants to get revenge by ruining his idol’s public image. Hmmm… agar Salman Khan hota, I’m pretty sure he would’ve gulped a couple of bottles of liquor and ran over the boy with a speeding jeep to put an end to the whole matter once and for all. And that way the rest of mankind would’ve survived this torturous cinematic journey called Fan!

The biggest letdown in Fan is the script that’s just about as perforated as a sieve except that the sieve still manages to hold back the unwanted shit. In Fan, everything just falls right through the holes in the script and screenplay. And to make matters even worse, there’s Maneesh Sharma’s direction that lacks any attention to detail. Gaurav’s (the fan) character lacks the intensity that SRK had in some of his earlier films like Darr, Baazigar, and Anjaam. The director also failed to capture the degeneration in the fan’s personality post his not-so-pleasant encounter with his idol in a truly dark fashion. Not to mention, quite a lot of questions still lack an appropriate answer. How does the second half just start off in London? Why are there more Indian journalists than Brits in Aryan’s (the actor) press conference in London? And why is he addressing them all in Hindi; are the few non-Indian journalists bilingual? Fine, their faces match, but do they also have the same set of vocal chords too for Gaurav to sound just like Aryan at his convenience? And more importantly, are people really that dumb to be unable to tell the difference between an original and an imposter? Chalo, at least Gauri Khanna could tell the difference between the two men nahi to things would’ve gotten complicated.

To make the weak narrative even more of a drag, the action sequences were long enough for me to take a power nap especially the cat and mouse chase atop rooftops somewhere in Europe, and also the one in the streets of Delhi towards the climax. The climax too wasn’t all that great either; too preachy – the good vs bad bhaashan and good always trumping bad – too predictable in my opinion. And hey, doesn’t the head normally squelch open like a pomegranate when it makes a crash landing on the ground from a couple of stories high? Hmmm… maybe the director ran out of tomato paste to capture the bit of reality that was lacking! Shouldn’t Aryan be tried for murder? Technically no one saw him not-push Gaurav down the building…

Moving on to Vishal-Shekhar’s music – or the lack of it to be more exact, Jabra was barely catchy. To be honest, a movie based on Bollywood stardom and fandom without any songs is a concept hard to digest; kind of like biryani without potatoes. Song and dance is the soul of Bollywood after all. Fan definitely could have used some good music to carry the otherwise shitty narrative and story forward and alleviate a fraction of the boredom it continuously inflicted upon its watchers. In fact, SRK’s performance for the lavish NRI wedding could have actually been a dazzling item number. And all we got was one promotional song in 11 different languages… probably even more.

And who were all of those actors in the supporting cast? Were they deliberately shitty just so that SRK could steal the show in an otherwise lackluster party with even more subpar performance?

The only thing that makes Fan work in the most mediocre of ways is SRK and his performance as both the actor and the diehard fan. Even though he was just a notch above average, he was the movie’s only saving grace from being a complete washout at the BO. The anti-hero is a concept that SRK cultivated way back in the 90s when he started off as an actor, and at a time when male leads on Bollywood wouldn’t even dare to think about portraying characters with fifty shades of dark. Darr, Baazigar, Anjaam and Raamjaane were indeed brilliantly acted films and trendsetters in Bollywood. However, while it’s great to see SRK going back to the kind of movies he originally started off with in Bollywood, somewhere down the road he has lost that intensity with all the rom-coms and dramedies that he’s done. In fact, Varun Dhavan’s anti-hero flick was way better than Fan by a long shot.

What’s even more disappointing is how all that SRK does now is movies that lack content and a clear display of the actor’s true acting potential, and bank largely on nothing but his aging stardom. Unfortunately for him, times have changed and audiences have become a lot smarter. Dear SRK, you really need to pull your shit together and stop delivering crap after crap; better luck next time SRK.

To wrap it up, Fan has more fandumb than fandom and desperately tries to come off as an action thriller, it’s yet another B-grade production out of the Yash Raj camp that’s getting way too much hype than what it actually deserves.

2/5 stars



  1. Muhammad Makki · April 27, 2016

    You broke a die-hard Fan. . I know you’ve watched the movie, both as a bollywood fan and a critic, and the things you’ve mentioned must have been there, definitely. It’s just my disappointment that is bugging my head and millions of other SRKians but still He is the best. . by far. I just don’t like to remind people of the earlier times but honestly script is killing SRK cinema. If I had the luxury I would’ve owned a cinema where SRK movies ran day in day out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • arsalanahmedk · April 27, 2016

      I just thin he needs to accept that he’s old now, and he should opt for roles that suit his age.


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