7 Bollywood Songs That Should Have Been Pictured On Madhuri

It’s the 15th of May, and it’s Madhuri Dixit’s birthday… YAY! 😀

And instead of cramming in course material to prep for on-going semester finals, I’m going to take out some time to celebrate the Diva’s birthday by dedicating a blogpost to her ethereal beauty that has been taking my breath away ever since I remember watching Bollywood movies with full attention. So here are a few Bollywood songs that I think would have been a lot better had they been pictured on Mads as opposed to the actresses on whom they were originally pictured.

Chikni Chameli

Ok… so this song Katrina did for the Agneepath remake was quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to out-do the benchmark for Bollywood sensuality Madhuri set in the early 90s with songs like Dhak Dhak Karne Laga from Beta, and Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar from Sailaab. Unfortunately, Katrina wasted it!

MadhuriDixit 1

There’s no denying that Chikni Chameli in fact drew quite a bit of inspiration from the second of the two Madhuri numbers I just pointed out. Nonetheless, Chikni Chameli was a well-produced song – a catchy beat, the mass-appeal factor, and Ganesh Acharya’s high energy, all-juggling, all-kicking dance moves. Hell, I also had it as my ringtone for a couple of days! But, the biggest disappointment in the song was none other than Katrina herself. Even though she may have gotten the pace of the dance steps right, her face was expressionless. At times it was almost like watching robot let loose in party o dirty men who hadn’t bathed in decades. And for those of you who disagree, watch Badi Mushkil to see how well the Madhuri-Ganesh combo did earlier.

Saiyaan superstar


Ek Paheli Leela, actually had an interesting story. But being a musical, the songs, the dances, and even the costumes were a total let down. However, this particular song stands out from the soundtrack of otherwise forgettable tunes. Also, I just loved the way Sunny Leone was styled in the video. What’s even more interesting is that this song was choreographed by none other than the legendary Saroj Khan. And………. do I really need to say more???

MadhuriDixit 2

Whenever Mads and Saroj Khan have come together, they’ve created nothing less than pure magic on the screen. From Ek Do Teen to Maar Dala, the duo has given hit after hit that we all have drooled and danced to in the cinemas and on our weddings. And had Madhuri been in place of Sunny in Saiyaan Superstar, it would definitely have been yet another super hit but the even more super hit Madhuri-Saroj pairing!

Sava Dollar


This song from Rani Mukherjee’s not-so-successful (I actually liked it a lot though) Aiyyaa was loud, raunchy, and everything filmy! While I loved Rani’s over-the-top performance throughout the movie, I felt that she was a bit of a misfit for this particular song.

MadhuriDixit 3

Clearly… you can see who does it better!

Lavni is a traditional Indian dance form that augments feminine beauty in a seemingly animated way. The dance has a lot of pelvic thrusts and spontaneous facial expressions that makes being in the viewer’s seat quite enthralling. Nonetheless, it still requires elegance and fragility. And we all know that in Bollywood, there is only one Queen of latkas, jhatkas, matkas and facial expressions, and that’s Madhuri Dixit. Rani’s pelvic thrusts were more thrusty and less sensual, and her expressions lacked the ada and femininity that Madhuri brings to the style especially in the lavni number she did in Anjaam. Even better, this performance from Jhalak…




Ok… so Radha is that song that just came and became an instant hit in local mehndis and weddings. But as flashy as Alia Bhatt looks in the song, I think that had it been a Ghagra style item song featuring Madhuri and the two young boys Varun and Sidharth, it would have been better value addition to the movie just as the Madhuri and Ranbir duo did in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, no?

MadhuriDixit 5


Fevicol Se


Dabangg had Munni Badnaam, and Dabang 2 had Fevicol Se. Unfortunately, the second of the two songs wasn’t quite as big a success as the first.

MadhuriDixit 6

To be honest, Kareena Kapoor was rather lackluster and kinda unappealingly overweight in this song. Moreover, her thumkas were just kicking in midair instead of recording some mega waves on the seismograph. In contrast, the otherwise stiff Salman Khan was in a rather energetic mood in this one, and could definitely have used someone other than his bhabhi or a girl young enough to be his daughter as a dance partner to add some oomph to this song. And boy… hasn’t it been long since we saw Mads and Sallu shake a leg together on the big screen? So yes… Madhuri would have had us better glued to the screens had she been in the song… extra Fevicol Se! Btw, do you remember when she danced to the song at IIFA?


Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya


Alright… so this is the quintessential Bollywood mujra that has been loved by every Bollywood fan from every generation. While I secretly dream of Sanjay Leela Bhansali re-creating Mughal-e-Azam with Madhuri reprising the role of Anarkali, I feel that, had Madhuri been in the age and time of Madhubala and played the role instead, she would have added a lot more grace and femininity to the song in contrast to Madhubala’s rather transgender like appearance. When it comes to classical dance forms especially kathak, there’s no one better in Bollywood to do the job other than Madhuri. And I doubt that Bollywood will ever see a kathak dancer as good as her.

MadhuriDixit 7

Mohe Rang Do Laal


Ok… as much as I felt that Deewani Mastani was like a more golden version of Maar Dala, I’ll spare that song and let it be Deepika’s because she actually did it quite well considering that she’s not that great a dancer. But when I watched Bajirao Matsani in the cinema, and when Deepika sat on the floor with her lehnga spread out and gave the first few hand gestures, I was like NOT SHIT… THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN MADHURI… AND ONLY MADHURI! Don’t think so? Take a look for yourself.


The grandeur, the choreography by Pandit Birju Mahraj, the costumes, and the styling – everything; Mohe Rang Do Laal took me back to the Devdas days.

MadhuriDixit 4

Need I say more?

When it comes to eastern dance forms, Mads is definitely the undisputed empress of kathak expressions and mudras. And to be honest, having Madhuri as a tawaif in this song would have made a lot more sense than a Muslim princess dancing in front of her father to entertain a guest who she presumably got married to by accepting his dagger!

So… is there a song you wished Madhuri had done?


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